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Ibogaine has shown to be a powerful entheogen addiction interruptor, and can help people implement massive shifts in their lives. Learn more

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We’re fortunate to have this ancient centuries old natural technology medicine now available in Canada.  See if Ibogaine is right for you or your loved-one.Learn more

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At Liberty Root Ibogaine Therapy we strive for long-term success FREEDOM! for all of our clients. Your success keeps us going. It doesn’t get any better than this.About Us

Liberty Root Ibogaine Therapy

Liberty Root provides the support needed for Ibogaine Therapy in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Ibogaine is derived from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub native to West Africa, where it has been used ceremonially by people of the Bwiti religion for centuries.  Ibogaine has powerful anti-addictive properties, and opiate addicts in particular report the experience allowing them to overcome withdrawal symptoms in hours, rather than weeks or months.

Ibogaine Therapy for addiction took its roots quite ‘by-accident’ in the Western World via Howard Lotsof circa 1962. It has since grown into a cutting-edge therapy, with providers around the world.

While this therapy is exceptional at interrupting addictive behaviour, it comes hand-in-hand with experiencing powerful entheogenic effects.  The experience is generally hard to describe.  Some people speak of being in a lucid dream-like state where lessons may be learned.  Anecdotal evidence indicates that this visionary state is a part of the therapeutic process.

The ibogaine experience is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, and should only be undergone by those who have passed a comprehensive screening process.  This is not a magical cure for addiction, but can be an effective tool for those who are ready and open to receive the treatment.  Liberty Root works with established recovery providers and health care professionals to encourage a comprehensive post-experience support system.

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I went with ibogaine because I had tried other treatments, but needed something more, something that was going to hit me on a deeper level. Ibogaine gave me what I needed to make massive transformation.